Eden F1


Eden F1 is a long dutch cucumber for the heated glasshouse production. Suitable for late Spring, Summer and Autumn. Eden is an open plant with dark-green colored leaves.

It is a vigorous and vegetative variety and very strong against powdery mildew. The fruits are shiny-green and strong ribbed.

There is a medium neck and the fruit weight is 300 – 400 gram. The fruit length is 33 – 36 cm.

The resistance package consists of (HR)  Px (Powdery Mildew), CVYV and Ccu and (IR) Pcu (Downy Mildew). Besides Eden is tolerant to CGMMV.

The variety is most suitable for the southern European countries and for organic cultivation as well, because of the high resistance against mildew.

In short, Eden is a very strong disease resistant all-season variety for the southern countries.






  • Late Spring, Summer and Autumn variety
  • Strong PM resistancy
  • Fruit length 33 – 36 cm
  • Good yield