Sana Seeds

Sana Seeds is a company specialized in cucumber breeding. The objective is to provide professional growers the right combinations of fruit quality, yield, disease resistances and plant type, based on future needs.

The company is managed by experienced senior seedsmen with the highest focus on providing top quality seeds and genetics.

Classical and modern breeding methods in the most optimal combination are used in order to achieve the best possible results quickly and safely.

High quality seeds

High quality disease free seeds are guaranteed by inventive production and cleaning methods, controlled by accurate monitoring procedures. After this proces, the seeds are heat-treated and tested in collaboration with industry leading companies according to the highest industrial standards.

Sana Seeds cucumber varieties are stable and have a wide adaptability

Pricewinning cucumbers

Trial assessments in different countries in North and South Europe have proved the additional value of Sana Seeds cucumbers: High productivity, disease resistances and wide adaptability are high scoring features which are distinctive from standard varieties.