Adelaide F1

Adelaide is a flexible variety with an outstanding fruit quality. It is suitable for unheated glasshouses or tunnels in Spring and Autumn. The plant is very balanced and open and well adapted to heat and cold conditions. It never grows too vigorous and is easy to work with.

The fruit-setting is easy. The fruits of Adelaide are 30 – 36 cm long with pronounced ribs and a dark-green shiny skin. The cucumbers are very straight and well-shaped and maintain a good quality throughout the crop cycle. The yield in kilos and pieces is very high.

Adelaide has high resistance (HR) to CVYV (Cucumber Vein Yellowing Virus) and Cladosporium. It has an intermediate resistance (IR) to CMV (Cucumber Mosaic Virus) and CYSDV (Cucumber Yellowing Stunt Disorder Virus). Adelaide has a good performance against Powdery Mildew.

Adelaide is suitable for several countries like Eastern Europe, Mediterranean countries, Central America, South Africa and Australia.


Selling information

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