Danaos F1

Danaos is a variety for the cool season where long fruits are demanded.

Danaos has a very strong plant that can resist both low and high temperatures. Even in very cold periods and in long crops it delivers a very high yield of high quality fruits.


The fruits of Danaos are about 32-36 cm long and even under severe stress circumstances the variety retains producing these long fruits. The fruits are shiny dark-green, straight, slim and heavy and with some neck. Fruits are very suitable for selling two fruits together, the so called ’pairs’.


Danaos has an intermediate resistance (IR) to Px (Powdery Mildew) and CYSDV and is very strong against Fusarium. Danaos can be grown grafted and non-grafted.


Selling information

If you are interested in seeds of cucumber Danaos F1, please contact info@sanaseeds.com