Brisbane F1


Brisbane is a long dutch cucumber for heated glasshouse production. This variety is most suitable for the early and late (Spring and Autumn) plantings, because it performs well under low light circumstances.

It is a generative variety with high resistances against several viruses. Moreover it is strong against powdery mildew.

The fruit length is 30 – 32 cm and the weight reaches 400 – 450 gram. The fruit shape and color are nice and green.

In Denmark and Sweden, where this variety was introduced first, Brisbane is becoming more and more popular and already a few hectares is planted now.

Brisbane is suitable for both traditional as high-wire crops and it is a fast producing variety.

The resistance package consists of (HR) CGMMV, CMV, CVYV and Ccu and (IR) Px (Powdery Mildew).

In conclusion, Brisbane is a fast producing Spring and Autumn variety with a robust resistance package against virus and powdery mildew.

  • Spring and Autumn variety
  • Strong virus and PM resistances
  • Fruit length 30 – 32 cm
  • Good yield