Soon available: WS 165 F1, a high PM resistant cucumber variety

The Sana Seeds cucumber range will be extended with a very healthy long cucumber with a extremely good resistance against Powdery Mildew. PM is one of the main disastrous diseases in cucumber production.

The features of this variety are:

  • Late Spring-Summer-Autumn variety
  • Semi open vigorous plant with dark colored leaves
  • Dark shiny-green strong ribbed fruits
  • Medium neck
  • Length: 31 – 36 cm
  • Very good mildew tolerance
  • HR: CYSDV/PM, R: CVYV IR: CMV (expected)

This year WS 165 F1 is tested intensively in different countries throughout Europe and introduction is expected in 2019.

Leaves of WS 165 F1 after nine weeks production still very healthy
Fruits of WS 165 F1