Krateros F1


Krateros is the excellent combination of high quality and yields. It is a flexible variety suitable for various planting seasons. It has a strong plant and is very productive. Krateros has a balanced growth and a very good regrowth.

The fruits of Krateros are about 32-36 cm long and of a very high quality. This is expressed by the shiny, very dark-green color, the intense ribbing and limited neck.

Krateros behaves very well against Px (Powdery Mildew): it is high resistant (HR) to this disease. To CMV it has intermediate resistance (IR) as well. Krateros can be grown grafted and non-grafted.

Excellent combination of quality and yield
Various planting season
Fruit length 32 – 36 cm
HR: Powdery Mildew, IR: CMV